Efrain Nadal De Choudens

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“I write differently from what I speak, I speak differently from    what I think, I think differently from the way I thought to think, and   so it all proceeds into deepest darkness.”            

                                                                                                                                                                   Franz Kafka

About: Efrain Nadal De Choudens was born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. He enjoys the sun and the blue sea. After studying Marine Biology at the University of Puerto Rico, he went on to major in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. De Choudens has more than fifty published poems with half of them included in his full length poetry collection:  A Quick Look To An Insane Mind and more than twenty published short stories. His concentration is mostly in horror and science fiction but with occasional fantasy and erotica works. De Choudens has works published in English and Spanish, and he is member of the “Sociedad de Autores Independients” (Author’s Independent society). Currently, he is working in collaboration with two others author in an experimental erotica collection written in Spanish and in an erotica-fantasy novel in English. His science fiction novel “Three hours after midnight” is in revision with a possible submission during the summer. Also, he is in the process to launch the blog section of his website.

A QUICK LOOK TO AN INSANE MIND  is an intriguing point of view of an insane individual, presented from the perspectives of known personality disorders, makes this book of poetry and prose--as well as this work of horror--a rare find. De Choudens takes you to unimaginable places, makes you shiver your bones, and uses the empathy card from time to time, all cleverly tricking you to read more, sequentially. The book is split into four sections: “INSIDE A SINISTER SOUL,” “BEYOND THE GRAVE,” “CREATURES ARE EVERYWHERE,” and “SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.” The main plot begins in a prison cell, at the hand of a very sly and diabolical man. The author cleverly balances the disturbing topic with a little dark humor and twisted love. It’s a story within a story you can’t miss. It all wickedly boils down here, in this imaginative book..

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