Efrain Nadal De Choudens

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I was born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, where I enjoyed the blue sea, the nice sun and the good rum. If I was not practicing scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, camping or doing any other outdoor activity, I was reading some horror or science fiction book or magazine. I studied Marine Biology at the University of Puerto Rico and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to the outdoor activities, I has a fascination for antiques cars, and I tries to enjoy any classic auto-show or car museum. Is not uncommon to see a classic car in one of my stories. I can have in front of me me a new model and an old model and for sure my eyes are going for the old lady. I also love to travel, but who don't. During the past years I have published various poems and short stories in different magazines, e-zine, and anthologies.  I like small press magazine, I found that those magazines actually have better stories than the big ones. Coming from a Spanish culture, the English language is my major challenge in my writing, making every new acceptance a major personal success.  Now I am living with my wife and my two kids in the state of Maryland missing the sun and the blue sea, but embracing new experiences and adventures.

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