Efrain Nadal De Choudens

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1. A Quick Look To An Insane Mind: A poem collection by Leo Publishing LLC  

A QUICK LOOK TO AN INSANE MIND  is an intriguing point of view of an insane individual, presented from the perspectives of known personality disorders, makes this book of poetry and prose--as well as this work of horror--a rare find. De Choudens takes you to unimaginable places, makes you shiver your bones, and uses the empathy card from time to time, all cleverly tricking you to read more, sequentially. The book is split into four sections: “INSIDE A SINISTER SOUL,” “BEYOND THE GRAVE,” “CREATURES ARE EVERYWHERE,” and “SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.” The main plot begins in a prison cell, at the hand of a very sly and diabolical man. The author cleverly balances the disturbing topic with a little dark humor and twisted love. It’s a story within a story you can’t miss. It all wickedly boils down here, in this imaginative book..

1. “. . . What if [the] mind is a stream of consciousness that flows, intact, from one lifetime to the next . . . Meet END, found guilty of heinous crimes and sentenced to an insane asylum . . . Hear END’s confessions. . . . epistolary prose, media reportage, and confessional poetry. . . [In] A Quick Look To An Insane Mind, E.N. De Choudens ushers you through the serial incarnations of a supposedly insane individual. But which is more insane—the obsessive-compulsive dynamic of stalker and prey, the forensic system that labels individuals as such, the asylum wardens who deprive the accused, or the inmates themselves . . .?”  

  ~Terrie Leigh Relf, author of The Poet’s Workshop—and Beyond!~

2.  “ . . . E.N. De Choudens’ debut collection is a complex gathering of poems and haiku revolving around themes of loss, insanity and dread. Ranging from the cold depths of the asylum to the colder depths of endless space, this collection contains a variety of poems designed to both stir the heart and send a chill down the spine.

 A beautiful collection . . . this book is more than worth your patronage.”

    ~  Jacob Milnestein – Psychopomp: A Quarterly Anthology,  and author of  Sophistry-UK~    

3.  “A fascinating collection of dark poetry exploring the mind of a serial killer. A man judged by law to be mentally ill but not being of the same opinion.”                                                        

    ~Lisa Knight -Artifice Comic- UK~                                                                                                         

4.  A whirling, restless view into a darker mind…A Quick Look To An Insane Mind takes you on a journey into places better left alone…a trip into madness and decay               
    ~Best-Selling, Award-Winning Horror Sinisteria Author, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

5.  A Quick Look To An Insane Mind by E.N. De Choudens    
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not usually a fan of poetry, even dark poetry.  The occasional poem is okay but a collection 
is of poems is hard to get through.  But De Choudens did some-thing unique.  He has taken a collection of poems with a nar-
rative and ties it all together that makes it feel like a novel. The collection begins with END, a criminally insane man who offers to tell his view of his story despite the limitations of his cell.  Through the poems, haikus and narratives, you get a 
view of END’s life, what has happened to him and what he sees as the future of things. The writing that De Choudens does sets a mood to make you unsure how you feel about what END does.  But just when you doubt yourself about what his character is, he reminds you that END is a bad person and is really crazy.  It is this off balanced approach that makes you want to keep reading forward to see what is on the next page.  What ties it all together is the narrative which is used sparingly but effectively I recommend this books for anyone who enjoys poetry with a little extra something to keep you on your toes.  You can get this book at the usual areas like Amazon.com.
  ~D. W. Jones -Blood Moon Rising Magazine~  

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