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Recommended Books

Fall into Winter and Spring into Summer by Eden Baylee are two fantastic collection of four erotic novellas in each one of the books. All eight stories are full of passion, romance and sex. The reader is going to see how these women choose to embrace the experience of lust and seduction, sometimes in an obsessive but romantic way. Ms. Baylee has the magic to describe the sex act with such subtleties that she leaves the reader wanting more. "Act Three" in Fall into Winter and "Summer Soltice" in Spring into Summer are my favorites stories, but you need to read them to know why. For an excellent literary erotica books, please visit http://www.edenbaylee.com This girl is not going to disappoint you. 

Corazon Partio Corazon Cosio by Jossie Sepulveda is not a collection of poems, is a collection of emotions. Any one of the pieces in this book is a reflection of the author's  life. You are going to witness her tears, joys, sadness, love and hope. For sure the reader is going to identified himself with at least one of them. The photos who accompany the collection, add a more personal touch to the book. Around fifty percent of the poems have the English version allowing the readers who don't understand Spanish to experience great part of the sentiments expressed in the collection. You can follow the author in "Corazon Partio Corazon Cosio" facebook page. 

Upstairs  by Marina Sergeyeva is a wonderful collection of poem and short stories. Her poems are emotionally crafted inviting us to read them more than one time. Her short stories are equally captivating. The way that the author expressed her words keep us immersed in her prose leading us to turning the pages of the book one after another. The short story "Victim" is more than fantastic. She is also the author of a chidren book, you can visit the author's page at http://www.marinasergeyeva.webs.com/

Easter Island and Strangers At The Feast by Jennifer Vanderbes are to memorable novels that you can’t miss. "Easter Island" is a fantastic collection of two wonderful stories places in two different times and finally colliding in one point  of the novel. The book is full of history, great description and a fantastic fiction developed in one of the most remote spot on Earth. "Stranger at the Feast" is another extraordinary tale of this author. Inside the theme of family, race, social classes and a country facing a recession she is going to show us a number of tragic events with a surprising end. You can visit her at  http://www.jennifervanderbes.com/index.html

Red Moon is an action science fiction triller that is going to hook the reader from the first page until the end. In a no distance future the race for the moon is putting the world at the gates of a nuclear war. The novel is very well documented and full of realistic possibilities. Mr. Chris Berman has a good collection of excellent novels "The Hive” and “Star Pirates” are going to captivate the readers too. You can visit him at  http://www.freewebs.com/chrisbfla/ 

February Flowers describes the tension and attraction between two young women while we can see a description of a contemporary China. The reader will see the conflict between tradition and modernity, the pain and pleasure, the discovery of sex. Beautiful as Yesterday shows the differences between three women of the same family.  The mother is a traditional Chinese who still live in China, Mary is the common professional American resident and Ingrid is the rebellious one, the representation of the free spirt. The book reveal the complexity of living between two cultures in changing times. You can visit the authos page at http://fanwuwrites.com/books.htm

Aphrodite and other Poetraits is a collection of poems combined with photos by Mr. Lundy. The first poem of the collection: Aphrodite of Rhodes is a poem of 771lines that is absolutely fantastic. Lost Magicosmos Psalms From Our Other Holy Book is another long poem that is fantastic too. The short poems are from the equal quality of the long ones and the great exposure of the female beauty in most of the pieces make the book a really delightful experience. Without doubt, the book is going to invite the reader to read it more than once.

Aphrodite Ink by Deb Woods is a fantastic collection of touching poems. Her words are the reflection of her passion, her love and her beauty. Ms. Woods is giving us part of her soul in this collection and for sure, each reader is going to find at least one piece to identify him/herself. The reader is going to turn page after page absorbing her passion. 

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